Calvary Hill Baptist Church had its humble beginnings in 1974, initially meeting in a Danbury service station store front and a beauty shop. One of the members had a nephew (Roy Fagg) that had recently been ordained & been called to preach and he was asked to come and fill in as pastor. Within a couple of months, an arrangement had been made with the City of Danbury to use an old vacant/dilapidated church building. There was no indoor plumbing, and the HVAC system consisted of a woodstove & drafty windows. Within a couple of years, talks of building had begun; which lead to huge step of faith to procure a parcel of land off of what is now Walnut Cove School Rd.

By Aug. 1977, the building was complete, and Calvary Hill Baptist Church was established. (Pastor Roy, along with his wife Edith, served Calvary Hill for 37 years.) In June 2014, John VanVeen, was voted in as only the 2nd Pastor of Calvary Hill.